Monday, July 20, 2015

Mini-Catalogue Monday: Catalogues and Ephemera from Ohio Valley Glass and Pottery Manufacturers

Cambridge Glass, Imperial Glass, and Rookwood Catalogues
I started in the antiques and collectibles business before I could drive, very occasionally buying and selling a piece of glass or pottery that I knew I could make money on. Now I try to focus more on books, of course, but at the intersection between glassware and books there is an interesting category of item: trade catalogues and ephemera from glass and pottery manufacturers.

I always try to pick up such items when I can. Catalogues and brochures are always scarce, and often much scarcer than the glass and pottery they show, and they often provide invaluable illustrations and information for researchers and collectors.
Ca. 1905 Weller Pottery Brochure
showing Eocean items

My Mini-Catalogue 155 includes about 20 items, all from twentieth century glassware and pottery manufacturers in the Ohio Valley, and including trade catalogues, promotion flyers and brochures, price lists, and the like, dating from about 1904 to the mid 1970s. The link above should take you to the pdf catalogue.


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