Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Hunger Games

I was out shopping over the holiday weekend, and was able to put together a set of the Hunger Games trilogy in first printing copies. I've had The Hunger Games a couple of times before, but it's a pretty tricky book to find; the other two books are much easier to get hold of. But I pretty much always look at all of them to see if they are first printings.

I have to admit to having a certain amusement in finding and selling these books, since Collins's District 12 is set somewhere unspecified in coal-producing Appalachia. Of course, I can't help but imagine that it is West Virginia that's intended.

And even more, when we went out to the Preston County Buckwheat Festival a couple of years ago, it was great to see that one of the 4H kids out there had raised a goat for a project and named it Katniss.  So now whenever I think of The Hunger Games, I think of Katniss the goat.

And that's what I'll be thinking of when these books sell.

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