Monday, August 15, 2016

Small Catalogue 164: African American and Asian American

Dunbar's 1901 Candle-Lightin'
scarce in the original
dust jacket.
I can't seem to get a mini-list together every Monday, but it always seems nice to publish one on a Monday when I can: it makes me feel like I've accomplished something for the week already.

Up this week is a short list of 33 items, most of African-American interest, but also including a few pieces of Asian-American interest. There are a number of signed first editions here, books (and a single manuscript) going back to the 1830s and 40s; and items at a variety of price points.

In particular I'm happy to have several items again with Ohio connections, including a couple of books from Paul Laurence Dunbar, and three from his near contemporary, from Springfield Ohio (as opposed to Dunbar's Dayton), Elliott Blaine Henderson, who may not have had the same sort of ability as Dunbar, (if we may engage in aesthetic judgments) but who certainly seems to have had a certain ambition and confidence, self-publishing at least half a dozen small collections in the firs two decades of the twentieth century. 

I hope you find something of interest.  Here's a link to the catalogue.

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